UnLadyLike Behavior

“Let That Shit Go”

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That nigga, that bitch, them friends, them kids, that job.....if you did your part and the shit still didn’t work out 

“LET👏🏽THAT 👏🏽SHIT 👏🏽GO” and that’s including YOU. Don’t put up with your own bullshit either

UnLadyLike Behavior has teamed up with Jauntee Candles to bring you

“The Ratchet Relaxation 🧘🏽‍♀️Collection“


8oz All Natural Soy Wax Handmade Candle

Cleanse- Basil, Sage, & Mint is a blend of gool mint, refreshing basil and earthy sage enhanced with a sparkle of citrus and underscored with white musk and woods.

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