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The Sweet Smell of Skunk

Last Monday morning I was, as usual, rushing to get out the door and to work on time. Earlier that morning I had let Captain out to “do his business” (that’s code for poop). I opened the door to let him in when – SMACK – the putrid odor hit me in the face and filled my nostrils. Skunk…

I immediately snatched Captain up, rushed outside, and did the only thing I could think of to remedy the situation… I yelled for Zack. My watery eyes narrowed as I held the squirming Captain out, demanding that Zack smell him. Captain, oblivious to the fact that something might be wrong with the scenario, wiggled in my grasp and attempted to lick any part of Zack and I near to him, resulting in a sort of air-licking dance.

Zack and I both needed to be out the door in about, oh, right then, and could see no other option but to put Captain on the deck for the day, stench and all. On my way home from work that evening I picked up some tomato paste (we figured tomato juice is supposed to take the smell out, so tomato paste should be extra potent, right?). When I opened the front door I was once again overcome with the rancid scent of skunk. Captain was only inside for two seconds! In a flash I gathered all the candles I could find and distributed them around the house. The resulting aroma was a bouquet of floral-skunk that lingered for several days. While I was lighting candles, Zack volunteered to slather tomato paste on Captain. Not five minutes after he started I heard him calling my name. When I walked into the garage and was greeted by this scene:


Captain, covered head to tail in thick red paste, was attempting to eat it off his body as fast as his little tongue would allow. He was in heaven. I can only imagine what he was thinking: It’s food! They’ve covered me in food!!

I just hope he doesn’t think we were rewarding him for chasing the skunk away and attempt to do it again!