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Adam Sandler, Ranjeet, and an Ocean Motif

Zack and I are going to the most romantic place on earth for Valentine’s Day: Reno.
Oh wait, Reno’s the biggest little city in the world, not the most romantic… drat.

Kidding aside, we’re going to Reno over the weekend with some friends of ours, completely un-Valentine’s-Day-related. I was looking online for the cheapest room available when I discovered that one lovely hotel with an ocean motif  is pet friendly. Very fitting for Captain, eh? (Get it? Captain? Ocean?) Since Zack and I still had no idea what we were going to do with Captain while we were gone, I booked a room. (Another plus, great reason for booking the cheapest motel: “No, we’re not cheap. This was the only pet friendly place we could find. Darn you, Captain…” Fistshake towards Captain, then he gets a treat to make up for it.)

I booked the room through Expedia and decided to call rather than book online to ensure it really was ok to bring Captain. Ranjeet (that’s the name I’ve given the guy who helped booked my room) didn’t speak much English, which made for an interesting conversation.

Ranjeet: Amber, how is your heart?
Me: Um, it’s fine, Ranjeet. Still beating away…
Ranjeet: No, how is your heart for Valentines Day? You have a husband?
Me: Ohh… Nope, no husband. Boyfriend and a dog.
Ranjeet: Veeeery nice hotel is this one. Your name, like Adam Sandler song?
Me: Oh, I don’t know… is it?
Ranjeet: Aaamber is the coloooor or your energyyyy….

That’s pretty much word for word how our conversation went. You can’t make this stuff up.

On a side note, when did Adam Sandler start singing 311 songs?

Happy Valentines Day everyone!