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An Introduction of Sorts

Some of you may have read of my old blog, What I Love Today. This was my first-ever blogging experience and it was a bit… bumpy. I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted to go when I began this blog and ended up making a mess of it. Rather than try to sort the mess out, I cut and ran. (Hmm, not my most noble moment…)

I didn’t want to be tied to restraints of my old blog so I’ve completely revamped this one. The last blog was supposed to be anonymous, which can be fun, but in order to keep anonymity I had to forgo posting pictures (which makes the blog oh-so-pretty) and it got tedious trying to come up with ways to refer to people. (The Boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend’s sister… sorta takes away from the writing don’t you think?). So, no more anonymity, and no more morals! Ahem. I guess I better explain myself to those readers who may not have known me before. What I Love Today had a theme. At the end of every post there was The Moral of the Story. (Ah, you’re getting it now, aren’t you?) This blog, my new start, will contain pieces similar to those of What I Love Today, but without the ‘morals’.

Let me give you a tour of my blog:

I didn’t want to lose the pieces I wrote for What I Love Today (WILT). Some are very dear and I was terrified at the thought of them disappearing into cyberspace nothingness. I’ve taken all those posts and brought them to you… here! You can peruse with pleasure under ‘Previously, on WILT…” I even took all the work out of it for you and posted them under subcategories, one post per page. Damn… I’m good.

Here you’ll find pictures of me and my loved ones, and occasionally just stuff that I like. It’s my blog, I can put up what I want (says the two-year-old- in me). I feel it’s always easier to get a sense of someone when you have a visual representation.

And finally, we have the Tidbits (formerly know as the About Me section). I dread About Me sections. I despise writing them. But, for you, I’ve done it, so please do me this one little favor… read it!

I hope you enjoy my new blog. It’s something that I enjoy doing. I love expressing myself this way and it brings a smile to my face, regardless if anyone reads it.
Please, please let people read it…