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ageplay diaper stories :: adult baby diaper lover audio stories, The adult baby and diaper lover place to meet, chat, and listen to stories and storytime from mommies, grannys, sitters, nannies, and so many more people who share. Hp ageplay - livejournal, Title: the one who lived author: milowystan prompt: #47 the people that create the jokes can't figure out why their most popular item for three months running is a. Abdl diaper lover mommy, Silly diaper sissy. silly diaper sissy you can not make your own choice’s. i will tell you when to play how much to eat and allow you to. wet and mess your pamper’s..

Ageplay |, Adult babies adult babies pictures and chat. membership site. adult babies and diaper lovers more than 3000 images in 20 catagories of ab/dl men and women being. Ageplay is adorable (fiendishly cute!) - tumblr, Girls in cute outfits, diapers, pull-ups, goodnites, ruffles, lace, pastels, pacifiers, oh my! "the more adorable you are, the more you turn me on. the smaller you. The big little podcast, Description: tall, geeky and a lover of diapers, boogles helped to blaze many of the trails we take for granted as a part of the online age play community..